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Bee Craft holds monthly informal webinars. Each month we host a Bee Craft Live Event at 8.00pm UK time to discuss a different aspect of beekeeping – hopefully relevant to the time of year – to which you can submit your questions (see box above) and we will be able to answer them live on air.

We mentioned the word “live” just then because that’s exactly the point, they will be streamed live so you can watch them there and then or we will also record them for you to watch at a later date.

Any comments during the live event do either submit a question above or Tweet us using #BeecraftLive and we will try to bring your comments into the Bee Craft Live Event.

Previous BeeCraft Live events

Bee Craft Live: Asian Hornet Special 2019

Broadcast: 2nd October 2019

Please join our panel of experts live to discuss the Asian Hornet as a threat to UK beekeeping...

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Bee Craft Live: 19th June 2019

Broadcast: 19th June 2019

Please join us for a beekeeping Q&A. If you have any queries or questions please feel free to submit them...

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Bee Craft Live: 24th April 2019

Broadcast: 24th April 2019

This month we will be joined by a Commercial bee farmer to discuss the aspects of marketing honey and hive products...

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Bee Craft Live: 20th March: Spring Build-up

Broadcast: 20th March 2019

This month we will be discussing the 'spring build-up'...

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Bee Craft Live 27th February: Showing Honey

Broadcast: 27th February 2019

This month we will be discussing showing honey and hive products, and be joined by special guests experienced in winning prizes on the show bench...

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To Vape or not to Vape

Broadcast: 23rd January 2019

During our first hangout of the New Year we will be joined by our Deputy Editor, Richard, to discuss experiences around Oxalic Acid Vaporization as a winter Varroa treatment...

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Winter Chill Out

Broadcast: 19th December 2018

Join us for a 'Winter Chill Out" before Christmas...

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Beekeeping Microscopy

Broadcast: 29th November 2018

Our guest is the author of Bee Craft's publication, Practical Microscopy, Bob Maurer...

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2018 Performance and Preparing for Winter

Broadcast: 31st October 2018

This webinar was hosted by our Deputy Editor, Richard Rickitt and our invited guests were Sarah Red-Laird from the USA, more usually known as The Bee Girl, and our regular from France, Kevin Baughen...

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Asian Hornet Special

Broadcast: 13th September 2018

Guests:  Colin Lodge who set up the AHAT website, Gerry Stuart recently returned from Jersey where he has been helping track AH nests, and Kevin Baughen in France, coping with the Asian hornet on a daily basis...

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Global Beekeeping

Broadcast: 29th August 2018

Guests: John Home, a former director of BeeCraft and now a regular visitor to Africa as a representative from the charity Bees Abroad;  Ann Harman, a tireless worker on behalf of the Eastern Apiculture Society in the USA and Kevin Baughen, an English beekeeper who now lives in France...

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Plants for Bees

Broadcast: 25th July 2018

Our guests this evening are Bridget Beattie who will be well known to you as the author of our bee plant article in Bee Craft magazine every month, and Lucy Whitter who is a PhD student from the Botanic Gardens Wales, completing a PhD on Wildflower mixes for bees...

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Swarming and all Things Related

Broadcast: 30th May 2018

This month we are looking at Swarming and all things related...

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Spring Build Up

Broadcast: 25th April 2018

  Join the team again to discuss the topic on everybody’s mind – Spring Build Up...

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Arnia’s Remote Hive Monitoring System

Broadcast: 28th March 2018

The Bee Craft Live panel are looking forward to George Clouston from Arnia joining them on 28th March...

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Christmas Special 2017

Broadcast: 12th December 2017

The Christmas Special was hosted by Clair Harwood and covered topics related to the time of year...

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Asian Hornet Live event

Broadcast: 15th November 2017

Our first Asian Hornet event with special guest Kevin Baughen...

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Feeding and Preparing for Winter

Broadcast: 19th September 2017

Tonight's event will be covering feeding and preparing for winter...

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What going on in my hive?

Broadcast: 13th June 2017

We are pleased to welcome Clair Harwood, our new host who will be hosting her first live event this evening...

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What should we be doing now? Importing/exporting of bees.

Broadcast: 14th March 2017

Marketing Manager, James Dearsley hosts this event from France, supported by Angharad Westmore from Wales and regular Wendy...

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Research and other countries

Broadcast: 15th February 2017

James introduces Margaret Cowley, previously a deputy editor of Bee Craft and Stephen Fleming, new to his post as a deputy editor...

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Varroa treatments in the winter

Broadcast: 11th January 2017

Tonight the team looks at the variety of varroa treatments that can be used at this time of year and responds to the various quesitons on this topic...

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Beekeeping Resolutions and Q&A session

Broadcast: 14th December 2016

As well as Rhodri and Wendy, James is joined this evening by Pauline Aslin, Advertisement Manager, who has recently moved to Wales to a smallholding...

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Q&A session

Broadcast: 14th November 2016

James is joined (eventually) by our editor, Claire Waring, new member of the team Clair Harwood to answer a number of questions emailed in about winter survival of colonies...

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First Asian Hornet Nest in UK destroyed

Broadcast: 11th October 2016

James and Rhodri handle this evening's event discussing the Asian hornet nest and other questions and answers...

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Live from the Hive | Kew Gardens

Broadcast: 10th August 2016

A Bee Craft Hangout with a twist. We logged on from Kew Gardens and their installation, The Hive...

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Swarming and all Things Related

Broadcast: 15th June 2016

A Bee Craft Hangout

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Queen cells and swarming

Broadcast: 19th May 2016

A Bee Craft Hangout

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Becoming a Beekeeping Mentor, what does it all mean?

Broadcast: 16th March 2016

Quite often you need someone else to help you on your journey to become a beekeeper...

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BBKA Examinations, what do you have to do?

Broadcast: 18th February 2016

Another hangout and this time about the BBKA examinations...

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Beekeeping with Children and Schools

Broadcast: 15th January 2016

Welcome to our latest Bee Craft Hangout on Beekeeping with Schools...

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Beekeeping Jobs for the Winter

Broadcast: 18th November 2015

Do join us for all the latest in beekeeping news and how to prepare yourself for winter, feel free to ask our panel questions about beekeeping DIY and to share your very own experiences...

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Beekeeping Preparations for Winter

Broadcast: 16th September 2015

Do join us for all the latest in beekeeping news and how to prepare yourself for winter...

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Beekeeping Photography

Broadcast: 4th August 2015

All the latest tips and tricks from producing photos to print and frame to photos you want to share on social media...

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Honey - All you Need to Know

Broadcast: 18th June 2015

We hope you enjoy our latest Hangout about Honey. It should cover all you need to know and includes questions like: Question 1: What is honey and how do bees make it A general discussion about the make up of honey and then what bees will do to obtain nectar and then make it into honey...

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How to spot and treat Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus

Broadcast: 20th May 2015

On this Bee Craft Hangout, about Nosema and Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, we were joined by Julian Routh of the BBKA and Seasonal Bee Inspector, to talk about the BBKA Bee Health Month...

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Swarm Control - What you Need to Know

Broadcast: 14th May 2015

Hope you will join me and the rest of the Bee Craft team (with a few guests) for our latest beekeeping Hangout...

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Natural Beekeeping and a bit about Forage

Broadcast: 19th March 2015

Do join us for #BeeCraftLive . In this months episode we will be discussing the latest forage news with Dale Gibson who has just been out at the Forage Forum in Berlin...

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Beekeeping Questions

Broadcast: 19th February 2015

Join us to talk about the latest #beekeeping  news and discussion...

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Hive Products

Broadcast: 11th December 2014

A discussion about products you can get from the hive other than honey...

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Managing Small Hive Beetle with Jamie Ellis of the University of Florida

Broadcast: 28th August 2014

Please watch our Hangout about managing Small Hive Beetle...

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Bee Diseases, how to look out for them and what to do

Broadcast: 17th July 2014

This is the 3rd live streamed Hangout on Air from Bee Craft Magazine (http://www...

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The Swarming Season is Upon Us

Broadcast: 24th June 2014

This was the 2nd Bee Craft ( Hangout and here, as we approach, or indeed are in the swarming part of the year we will be discussing various swarming techniques and answering your questions...

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The Start of the Beekeeping Season

Broadcast: 29th April 2014

What with the warm weather, the 2014 Beekeeping season has started to get underway...

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