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‘From A to Bee’ by James Dearsley, published by Summerdale Publishers Ltd, 2012, 288 pages, ISBN: 978-1-84953-272-3

This book tells how the author experienced his beekeeping during start up; he tells us what it’s like as many of us and the impact on his young family. What a patient family he must have.

Beekeeping, Oh my what have I done? I am 30 years old, I have been married for three years and am a new father to a fantastic little boy. Surely there are things that I should be doing at this age which do not involve little yellow and black insects that can hurt you if you are remotely clumsy (which at 6 ft 5, I have an amazing ability to be). James Dearsley’s wife thought he had lost his mind when he announced his intention to become a beekeeper. But like many interested in the self-sufficient lifestyle, he loved gardening and growing vegetables on his allotment and the old romantic in him had idealistic notions of teaching his little boy where honey came from, so he set himself what seemed a reasonable goal: to get, in a year’s time, just one jar of honey.


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