Haynes Bee Manual


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By Claire and Adrian Waring. Haynes Bee Manual is the complete step-by-step guide to keeping bees. Ideal for the novice beekeeper but there is plenty of information to interest the more experienced.

The Bee Manual provides a complete and easy to follow reference to the intriguing world of the honey bee and the addictive craft of beekeeping.

Although the manual is aimed at the novice beekeeper it contains plenty to interest the experienced beekeeper.

The Bee Manual presents no-nonsense advice, facts and step by step sequences, as well as relevant photographs and diagrams.

Includes the following:

The honey bee, its life cycle and activities and how a colony operates
The honey bee in the environment and its importance in pollination
Choosing equipment and obtaining bees
Finding and laying out an apiary
How to inspect a colony, handle frames and control the bees
Swarm prevention and control
Colony increase and decrease and queen introduction
Dealing with the honey crop
Uses for honey, beeswax and propolis
Detection and control of the main honey bee pests and diseases
and so much more…


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