It was lovely to see our subscribers collecting their centenary lavender at the Spring Convention on Saturday, and to welcome so many new subscribers to Bee Craft.   It is also enjoyable to see the avid purchase of essential equipment to see beekeepers through the forthcoming season and think forward to warmer weather, inspections and happy days!

Do you have your plans laid out for the year? Always a good thing even if you have to amend them as the year progresses due the bees not having listened to you!

Have you forgotten to buy that book you have been promising yourself?  Simply take a look in our online shop to check you have what you want/need.   Now is also a good time to buy our Apiary Guide Multipack for easy recording of the season with photographs and descriptions of diseases, swarm prevention methods etc. 

There’s still time to research your chosen swarm prevention technique, Queen rearing method and means of varroa control. 

And do check the varroa trays you inserted last week to see if treatment is needed. 

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