Mead and Honey Wines: A Comprehensive Guide

Mead and Honey Wines: A Comprehensive Guide

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Mead and Honey Wines by Michael Badger MBE, available in both hardback and paperback.
This new publication is, as the title says, a comprehensive guide to the art of mead making.  Long awaited, it is split into a number of sections on various topics filling the near 400 page tome with extensive information.
Part 1 – Mead in General – covering ingredients, additives  and kit
Part 2 – Methods and Practices for Mead Production including the importance of cleaning, handling honey, record keeping, fermentation and clearing
Part 3 – Production Problems
Part 4 – Bottling and Cellar-Craft
Part 5 – The Requirements for producing Meads and Honey Wines predominantly discussing  yeast and fermentation
Part 6 – Recipes for Meads, Honey Wines and Mead-based Vinegar
Part 7 – Advanced Techniques and Practices
Part 8 – Floral Species, Nectar and Honey
Part 9 – Exhibition and Judging
Part 10 – Suggested further reading

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