We try to give the best possible service, but recognise that things can sometimes go wrong. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service, we will investigate and try to put things right. Bee Craft will handle all complaints about its service in an objective and constructive manner, recognising that every complaint provides an opportunity to improve Bee Craft’s service. It is likely most service issues can be resolved informally through dialogue, without recourse to the formal procedure. However, if it becomes necessary to adopt formal procedures, these are set out below.


Please set out in full the issue(s) that you wish to be considered and, if possible, what you believe to be the appropriate solution. Please include all relevant information and documents; it may delay the process if we have to ask for clarifications.  In the first instance complaints should be addressed to the Secretary by email to: subscriptions@bee-craft.com

If you remain dissatisfied following the investigation of your complaint, you can ask for a review of Bee Craft’s handling of the matter by writing to the Chief Executive at Bee Craft Magazine, PO Box 484, Gravesend, Kent DA12 9NB, or if the matter concerns the Chief Executive, to the Chairman of the Board at the same address. The Chairman’s (or Chief Executive’s) review is the final stage of the process.


Bee Craft will investigate your complaint and send you a full response (if required), usually within 21 working days. In the event that we believe we cannot provide a response within 21/28 working days we will keep you informed of progress, in writing, and endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.